"My husband and I did a 1-1 course with Danielle. She did the course over two Saturdays in the comfort of our home and it was excellent. The visual journey she took us through from different birthing experiences and coping techniques was really informative. Before the course, my only knowledge of birthing was from films and TV and all I associated with it was pain and screaming. However, following our hypnobirthing course with Danielle, I now feel more informed that birthing my child does not have to be that way and I am in control how my body and am prepared for what my body was made to do. As well as this, I was really hoping that my husband would feel more informed and confident and he certainly does. I would thoroughly recommend Danielle and her course. She’s friendly, thorough and very easy to talk to. If you’re in the Cambridge area and want to do hypnobirthing, get in touch with her now!!"


"My husband and I found our classes with Danielle very comfortable, informative and enjoyable. The various techniques and resources we used have helped me feel confident and secure that I know what to expect and am prepared for our labour journey. Overall a really positive experience and one I would recommend to anyone preparing to welcome their newborn into the world!"

"My wife and I completed the Confident Birth Hypnobirthing course with Danielle and we really enjoyed it as a couple! The classes were very informative as to the birthing process and prepared my wife and I for our baby’s arrival. Danielle made us feel confident in our birth plan and choice to pursue hypnobirthing. We can cannot wait for the arrival of our son and would recommend Confident Birth Hypnobirthing to anyone! Thank you very much Danielle!"

Emma & Patrick

"After a challenging pregnancy my partner and I signed up for hypnobirthing not knowing what to expect. Danielle was so kind and has not only given us the knowledge and strength we need to fell prepared for labour, but she has helped me throughout the pregnancy as well. We cannot recommend Danielle highly enough. Thank you so much for everything Danielle!"