Relax & Breathe

Hypnobirthing Skills - Birth Preparation Classes


Block of 5 - Zoom classes - starts Sunday 9th May for 5 consecutive weeks.


10am - 11.20am


£55 for 5 weeks


  • Relaxation for pregnancy & birth
  • Breathing techniques for labour & birth
  • Learn how your body works and how to support a positive and comfortable birth experience
  • Discussion and chat with like-minded mamas, helping you grow your support network of fellow mamas.


This beautiful course focuses on relaxation and breathing techniques, giving you blissful time and space to connect with your baby and prepare for birth.


There's lots of opportunity to chat to like-minded mums, whilst gaining key birth preparation tips and knowledge, as we discuss all things pregnancy, birth and baby, in a safe and supportive environment.


You will gain the confidence of knowing that you have a powerful set of skills - including mindset, breathing and visualisation techniques plus the knowledge you need, to feel calm and ready for birth, whatever kind it may be.


"Whether you’re new to hypnobirthing or have practiced it before, in my opinion, this course is suited for every mum-to-be! Danielle has created a space where you can come together with other pregnant ladies and take time out to fully focus on practicing the art of relaxation and preparing for birth." Rachel


"Being part of a group, sharing weekly updates and learning together, brought me so much comfort." Gemma


Each week includes:

  • A Short relaxation
  • A Breathing technique
  • A Birth preparation topic
  • Discussion & chat
  • A Longer relaxation


Week 1:

  • Welcome relaxation
  • Calm breathing technique
  • How your uterus works and how to support this to work optimally and comfortably
  • Discussion topic preparing for birth and general feelings about pregnancy and birth
  • Relaxation for preparing for a positive birth


Week 2:

  • Welcome relaxation
  • Visualisation and breathing for labour
  • How your birth hormones work and how to create an environment that supports them to work optimally
  • Discussion about birth environment and hormones
  • Relaxation for calming you during labour


Week 3:

  • Affirmation relaxation and how to use affirmations
  • Wave breathing for established labour
  • What the first stage of labour feels like, what to expect and comfort measures
  • Discussion about affirmations and mindset for birth
  • Bonding with your baby relaxation


Week 4:

  • Visualising your birth and dealing with any unexpected changes
  • Positions your baby can be in and how to encourage them into an optimal position
  • Knowing your birth rights and choices
  • Discussion about above
  • Relaxation for adapting to changes that may happen during your birth


Week 5:

  • Welcome relaxation
  • Visualisation for Caesarean birth
  • Visualisation and breathing for birth
  • What the second stage of labour feels like, what to expect and comfort measures.
  • Discussion about importance of the golden hour, your first hour with your baby and looking after your well being after birth.
  • Birth relaxation


Also included:

2 x MP3 recordings which include all breathing techniques


You'll absolutely love the way each session makes you feel, mamas keep saying how much they have enjoyed this calming, blissful time each week and how much more confident they feel about birth too! I hope that you will join us on this relaxing and beautiful course.


" I found it so therapeutic and calming away from the hustle and bustle of every day life of a mother to 2 with a 3rd on the way. Although this is my 3rd baby I found the breathing techniques really helpful and also learnt some new things about how the pregnant body works! Danielle was really engaging with all of us Mamas on the course, taking time to listen to each of us and used her experience through not only being a mum herself but through her training to help guide any anxieties that some experienced with the lead up to labour and childbirth. It was also so lovely to just have that hour and twenty minutes connecting with other pregnant mums who are also going through pregnancy at such a strange time!  Thanks Dani" Bex.


Classes available online whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Future locations include Loughborough, Ashby, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, across Leicestershire, some areas of Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire and beyond.


Relax & Breathe: Hypnobirthing Classes for Mums only - May Zoom course