2 x Monday evenings 15th & 22nd Feb - 7.30 - 9pm via Zoom


This 3 hour workshop is designed to compliment your hypnobirthing skill set learned throughout the "Relax & Breathe" course. 


Feel fully prepared with the skills, knowledge, mindset and decision making tools, that you and your partner need, to make any kind of birth as calm and positive as possible. 


Mums and partners: £45


Part 1: (1.5 hours)


  • Due dates and their significance 
  • What induction is and the different stages involved
  • How induction differs from normal labour
  • How to make informed decisions so you feel confident and positive about your labour and birth choices 
  • How to use hypnobirthing for an induced labour and how to make it a positive experience 
  • Relaxation - adapting to changes
  • Induced Birth video/story and Caesarean video (links as homework)


Part 2: (1.5 hours)


  • Pharmaceutical pain relief options - pros & cons of each
  • Brief overview of what's involved in instrumental birth and why it might be needed 
  • How to use hypnobirthing for a Caesarean birth 
  • Visualisation practise for Caesarean birth
  • How to make any kind of birth the very best possible experience it can be - including feeling calm, positive and in control of as many aspects as possible. 
  • Relaxation




Induction & Intervention: Hypnobirthing for all Births - Mum & partner class


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