2 x Wednesday evenings 17th & 24th Feb - 7.30-9pm via Zoom


This 3 hour workshop is designed to compliment your hypnobirthing skill set learned throughout the "Relax & Breathe" course. 


Together with your partner, understand the labour process as a complete journey, how your partner can help and support you and how you can plan and prepare for the most supported, comfortable and empowered experience.


Mums and partners: £45


Part 1: (1.5 hours)


  • Birth partners discussion exercise
  • Quick tools birth partners can use to support relaxation during labour 
  • Partner techniques including massage, touch and oga positions
  • Partner relaxation reading 
  • Affirmations and how to write the right ones for you
  • Affirmations to use throughout labour
  • Affirmation Relaxation 
  • Birth Partner Relaxation


Part 2: (1.5 hours)


  • Early stages of labour game: signs and how to maximise comfort and calm
  • Established labour: when to go to the hospital, what to expect, what birth partners can do to support you
  • Birthing your baby: what to expect, positions for reducing chances of intervention and tearing
  • Protecting your perineum: how to do perineal massage during pregnancy
  • The first hour after birth & birthing your placenta 
  • Making an effective birth plan/set of preferences together and how your partner can help to advocate for these during birth
  • Relaxation

Calm & Supported Birth - Mum-to-be & Birth partner workshop


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